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Muncie is Studied

Muncie is Middletown USA according to many Chinese who come to study here. They see it as the typical town. True or not, we are kind of in the middle of state and country. We also have a university and a large hospital and have lost industry, which is typical of so many midwest cities.

Jing, a professor from China is in Muncie for a year to study volunteerism and nonprofit organizations. She was surprised when I told her we had hundreds of them.

“I can’t interview all of them,” she quipped.

She is working at Habitat for Humanity and some other agencies along with interviewing, at length, many shakers and movers.

It is fun to take her places. She loves Muncie and getting to know the people of Muncie. If you ever run into Jing, you will be asked “Where do YOU volunteer?” I love hearing the answers. Just about everyone she asks, talks to her passionately about the time they give in service to this community. It makes me love Muncie. I am learning more, from her, about organizations I knew very little about.

I thought today that I want to be more than one person so I can volunteer for many causes that I believe in. There is a lightbulb went on that followed that thought. Every person was created to do something that he or she has a heart for. If each person follows that passion, there will be the fulfillment of having a purpose. And the best part is that needs are met.

At my church, for Good Friday, they need puppeteers for a puppet presentation. She volunteered! Of course. She is sold on the whole idea. She has caught the spirit of Muncie.


Muncie, Indiana

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