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Divisions often cause bloodshed. “We all Bleed the Same” is a song that is sung by Mandisa. Before hearing the song, I considered the meaning. When I think about blood, I think about wounds oozing, or surgery, or death. On sympathy cards, I have heard the words, “My heart bleeds…..” It can mean passion or sympathy.

OK, so blood is at the heart of who we are. Who is “we”? All of us. We all bleed the same. We are human. If you see it in an abstract emotional sense, it means that we all have, passions and emotions, and sympathy. So, here is a part of the song:

So tell me why, tell me why we're divided If we're gonna fight, let's fight for each other If we're gonna shout, let love be the cry We all bleed the same So tell me why, tell me why we're divided

Click HERE to see video of whole song.

This song is being acted out by puppets at a Good Friday Church Service at the Garden at Main Street in Muncie.

As the song says, "Why are we divided?"

Democrats and Republicans are divided and not on the best of terms. Even church denominations. The pain often comes in rejection and judgment. Then there are divisions that cause bloodshed. Needlessly. Over the course of my life, I have heard about tortuous things that happened to those who have been segregated or divided. The Native American Indians are one example. Segregation in the south in the 50s and 60s is another. The Ku Klux Klan was brutal around here. Families, also, are divided. One of the most horrible things I ever heard as a child was at church. I heard about Jesus was beaten and tortured. Before the physical violence he emotionally sweat drops of blood from severe emotional pain.

Why blood? I didn’t get it then, and I am still bothered by it. Our blood is of great value. It is our lifeline. It is what makes us go. Precious blood is spilled over and over.

The story bothers me because I don't want to imagine that kind of pain. It was a sacrifice for the WHOLE WORLD.

Jesus’ blood was out of pure love. He identified with every human being. We all needed the same pure love. Because the Creator became a human, he represented every human being and none are different. We have an opportunity, spiritually, to enter in to the bloodline of Jesus. He died and then he came alive in a glorious body, His Spirit bursting forth for anyone who believes.

“We all bleed the same.” Jesus bled like we bleed, heart, soul, mind and body. My heart bleeds for love to break through and for all to recognize what He did so we can be like. Let's grasp the message of Easter.