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Birds flutter and land, flutter and land... on my birdfeeder, poking and swallowing the best birdseed I could find. Why is it that feeding birds is so enjoyable? We care about life and sustenance! One of our jobs on this earth is to nurture and care for.

Personally, I feel motherly, when I do this. It brings back a tad of the feeling I had when I fed my newborn. As a baby sucks naturally, and a mother gives naturally there is mutual satisfaction. Can a tiny baby have gratitude. Awww, he or she is getting what it needs and it has been provided naturally.

Feeding ducks and geese with my neighbor children is the same feeling. Last week, Saaket, my little neighbor boy was trying to feed the geese. He walked gently toward them, holding out food. They flapped away from him, not realizing what he had in his hand. It was FOR them and it was good. The disappointment was evident. He wanted to GIVE and to NURTURE. We had gone to the river, specifically to care for them.

What about dogs? Wow….dogs…. What fulfillment, we get in nurturing and caring for them! They respond and seemingly appreciate!

Now, kids and people are more difficult to nurture. We all have minds of our own. Some are picky. Some have been hurt and won’t receive. Others are thankful for whatever is cooked up and given. Sometimes we want what we like the best only for ourselves. Can we receive graciously? Can we still give, no matter what the response is?

The way the world is set up is beautiful. There are so many ways of “feeding” our capacity to give and nurture. Let’s do it. Let’s not only give to the cute creatures running around in our yards, but also, to indescribably valuable people.