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Drug Recovery Inspires

Here is a sampling of our collaborative interactive art at the Connecting the Links event for drug recovery on Saturday. It was sponsored by Brianna's Hope. We sat around a large round table talking and drawing with chalk on squares of roofing tar paper. This piece of art represents all ages. Bright and beaurtiful. I look at this and I see HOPE.

Children love to create!

Is it the colors that bring such a good feeling? Is it the messages? Is it the individuality? Yes, all of these things, I believe. Art is an agent for healing, especially when it is entered into with openness to let what is inside come out and discover who you are and what your individualized technique is. It is like thumb prints or handwriting. It is all different.

I believe that conscious effort to do art is a helpful part of the recovery process, whether it be addiction, grief, or even physical pain. There is a joy in being yourself and expressing your uniqueness, and sometimes your emotions. Doing it with others magnifies the effects. It becomes social, which we all need.

Art includes how you put together your clothing in the morning, cooking up new concoctions, writing poetry, making up games, arranging your room, writing or making music, flower arranging and even painting your nails or doing make-up.

Live a creative day every day. Let's pull ourselves from loneliness, worthlessness, and meaningless activity. Exercise your self-expression and get to know yourself. Fill your life with color! It ripples out to others!