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Jesus and Buddha

My son uses principles of Buddha to keep a healthy outlook. Yep, the principles work. The more I read about Buddha, the more appreciation I have for Jesus, who went a gigantic step further. He not only taught great principles, he gave us THE way to follow the principles. We can't do it all. I, as a Jesus follower, do not have relationship with God on the basis of what I do. It is based on what He did and no other God would go to the great lengths to sacrifice His son to pay the price for my imperfections and sin. He led the way to a free and fulfilling relationship;

Thoughts are a a big part of Buddhist practice. "What we think, we become." he says. As a Jesus follower, God has given me His thoughts and as I think and pray them, I become. God created us all to have a mind, body and spirit connection and souls that seek truth. Buddha knew that. But, seeking truth without the mind of Jesus sometimes feels deep but is quite shallow to what I have found in God's truth - that he loves me, he forgives me. He accepts me as His own, and he corresponds with me all day long.

With Buddha, you work your way up the ladder to perfection....to maturity. Believing in Jesus, you are proclaimed spotless and perfect and then you allow the often-time slow growth and shucking off of natural human blunders. It is a lifetime process and quite a fulfilling journey in faith.

Buddha was faithful to share his wisdom and much of it is similar to things Jesus shared. There are universal truths of love, honesty, health, and unselfishness. I can seek all of these things but the truth is that when I believe in Jesus, it is all given to me as a free gift...infinite peace, joy, patience, kindness, self-control. I only have to allow the self-ishness, and impatience, etc. to die out and tune in to what God directs in me.

Buddha, as wonderful as he is, was a mere human and was limited in time and space. He can't talk to me and I can't talk to him. Jesus is not limited to time and space. He sees the big picture. He knows everything. And He is always alive and present for me to talk to. And, yes, he talks to me all the time. I feel special to him.

Knowing Buddha's words can be of some value, but we can't have access to him.

Knowing Jesus is just saying "Yes" to his free gift of grace and loving presence.