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Why is Life so Crazy?

Have you ever asked why? Why is life so crazy? Just watch the news. Why doesn’t God do something.? He has, He is, and He will. All this desperation causes us to reach out for help. Help is not found in anyone or anything besides God. We just need to know that he is forever LOVE, deep, rich, and sweet. I am convinced that God is in control in the midst of the selfish attitudes of mankind and opposing evil. We feel entitled to a comfortable life. God is not predictable. Oh the mystery of it all. Why would I want to control anything. I tend toward that!. We ARE made in His image. He's in control and we want to be in control. Ha!

Would anyone that big and in control....of the universe, be in his right mind to send his baby son to be killed by those he created? What humility and love! Why? I mean, I see the benefits. But it is so brutal. His love is determined and is at his expense. As his Spirit speaks of his love to us day and night, he gives us total control to decide what we want to do - hear, believe and accept, or hear, not believe and reject.

Knowing this mysterious and almighty God is only known by receiving a "hand up" - the HAND reaching out. It is a response to the still and solid voice that is always speaking and gently nudging.

Responding to that nudge opens up a whole new world - a new understanding. Beyond what can be imagined! This is not religion with its "haf tos" and confining expectations.

The first step is the best step ever. It is a humbled "yes" to his call. At that point, God's Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside to relate personally in the earthly journey of pain and disillusionment.

All my "why's are still there, but that's OK because I know he has a bigger perspective than I do.

I have found great joy and peace since I said that heart-felt two-syllable word "OK" and really meant it.

God is with us!