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Paul, Apostle of Christ

The movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ, was well done! Paul sat in jail, but there was plenty of action beyond that as theJesus followers in Rome were brutalized and oppressed. It reminded me of the violence in the Middle East we see on TV.

Paul was removed from his followers, alone in jail, unable to encourage. It is more from the historical point of view and dramatizes his connection in Rome. Covering his other travels and imprisonments was not included. Luke visits Paul in prison in Rome and then writes the book of Acts, including much of Paul’s inspired words.

The Christians in Rome were known as peaceful people, strong in love. They did not respond in a fleshly way, the way that says, “I will retaliate”, but in a surrendered way with full hearted trust in the Lord. They were willing to live or die. Paul said that "to live is Christ and to die is gain". (Philippians 1:21) They knew they were in God’s hands and they knew that the circumstance around them was out of their control.

After the movie, I was talking with my friend Rita, who saw it with me, as she was pondering that issue. She reminded me ultimately there is nothing we are in control of….only our responses to our circumstances.

This morning, at church, the pastor said more than once “Put yourself helplessly in His Hands”. Being helpless can take alot of effort. It goes against ego which wants to be strong. It gives up control and entitlements and allows God to be totally in control.

The movie dramatically expresses what the power of love can do….and the confidence that comes from Jesus.

See it, and be challenged.