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I read an interesting story about a man who was blinded because of his own biases and didn’t realize it. The man’s name was Paul and he was fighting against and actually killing Jesus followers. He thought he was doing a good and right thing because THESE PEOPLE were going against his religious system.

He was dramatically confronted by God Himself, and there was a bright light. His physical eyes were blinded for three days as his spiritual eyes became opened to what was true.

God pinpointed a man, Ananias, who was ordered to meet with Paul to speak to him about God’s plans. Through this meeting, Paul received his sight. THAT was only the beginning. He became a dynamic messenger who went from city to city preaching and teaching about Jesus. He, in turn, was persecuted, but he stood strong. No one was going to convince him that what he had experienced wasn’t true and he wasn't backing down even with the threat of death and pain. His letters are all through the Bible – Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, etc.

This is a true story thathas affected the history of our world, an extension of the Jesus story that continues on and on and on.

Many generations of believers have come and gone, and the message is still fresh and alive!

I myself, have been approached by Jesus. Can’t visibly see him except in the faces of those around me. He has given me a purpose. It is something I can't stay quiet about. I am compelled to write and speak of his comfort and joy in the midst of all the struggles. He gives hope.

Seeing His face in others' lives commands a choice. Spiritual blindness OR a meaningful encounter that is life-changing and purposeful. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Acts, chapter 9 in the Bible is where this story is from.