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Have Never Seen It

“I have heard about it. but I have never seen it.” Keegan, my 4 year old grandson told me, after he had seen just a little bit of a re-enactment play of the last days of Jesus. The scene sounded like a domestic violence nightmare. Keegan had a look of terror in his eyes and was clinging to me. I was happy to be outside with him as we were running to the car.

I apologized for taking him there. In the car, I told him more about how the story ended and that was a definite high note. I reminded him of Charlotte, the spider in Charlotte’s Web. We had some deep conversations about life and death while finishing that book, a few weeks ago. He had also recently buried a beloved pet dog. He had worked through that in a healthy manner. A dog heaven? Yeh, could be.

I have pondered his statement. “I have heard….but I just haven’t seen.” Seeing is a big part of experiencing something you have only heard about.

The things you experience as you grow up to adulthood were only things you HEARD about when you were young.

Death is a topic we don’t often think about. No one told me about the experience of being born into this world, because I was hidden as I grew in my mom’s belly. Death is the same way. We can’t experience it until we are ready to walk through that door. Is it a good thing to talk about? I believe it is essential. It is a universal experience that we all face. Death puts things in perspective.

When we talk about death, we realize that our bodies will not last forever. We learn that what is unseen is much more important and that spiritual direction is of utmost importance in this life journey. Only those who can tell us about death have moved on. All we can do is watch the body waste away and that is hard, and often very painful.

The years of my life have shown me the harshness of death as I have watched loved ones die. I was told for years, as a child, that you can know Jesus and go be with him when you die. I heard it, but I didn’t know it until I experienced that relationship. Then there was security and peace in whatever is ahead. Experiencing death won’t be so scary. Actually there is an anticipation of seeing “what’s next"!

Jesus, as portrayed in the drama presentation that I watched with my grandson, died a painful death. But…..he opened up heaven for us all to receive of, if we can grasp the spiritual victory of it all.

Death is not foreign or scary when you know the author of LIFE.

2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

Colossians 3:2&3