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Video of snow falling

"Snow again? It's April!!!" I exclaimed, disappointedly. "This is one too many times!"

I was disappointed because I was thinking about the flowers that were just about to bloom, many of them were in full bloom. There were green sprouts popping out everywhere. I didn't want them to die.

"Don't worry about those flowers, " a friend advised me. "They will live through this!"

I had seen it happen before. Yes, they are hardy.

Even, though I was looking for spring, the last snow was one of the prettiest snows I saw all winter and I pushed myself to go for a walk in the woods. It was delightful watching the snow fall off the trees in big globs, with some of them landing softly on my head. The daffodils were peeking out from under the pure white blanket of snow. The white snow that tucked them in made them look bright sun yellow.

I had planted some lettuce from seed. It was most likely starting to germinate when the snow came tumbling. Those little seeds are vulnerable. I was considering the difference between tiny seeds we plant in the spring and those bulbs, some of them golf-ball size, that are already in the ground.

Those bulbs have been building up a life force that doesn't quit at a little bit of snow. They push upwards with boldness. I love that about them. And then when the sun comes out they stand strong with their heads up. Darkness enfolded them all winter. And then the light came!"

Our lives are like that. There is a force inside each of us that blossoms in the midst of hard times. Hard times bring darkness, and often times isolation. These times make us hardy and there is beauty on the other side.

Let's take a look back on our lives and see what hard dark times have done for us.

Human beings are not to be like little seeds that get snuffed out when it gets cold or windy. We are created with indominability and just plain guts. Like those bulbs richly pushing forth through the snow!