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I would consider Donald Trump very well known in today's world. What did it take to become well-known? Is it something he tried to do? I think he didn't ever expect to be president, but was just going to have fun campaigning. What a trip."

Is "well-known" something to be sought after and worked for or does it just happen? Is it something most people want? I think it depends on what it is you are being well-known for.

I used to want to be well-known, maybe as a writer, a poet, a painter, or a gymnast. Maybe the best mom in the world, or a well-known Appalacian hiker. On the other hand, I could have been known by some terrible things. What is it about wanting to be well-known that is appealing?

I think it is because we all want to feel worthy of others' attention. Maybe being renowned would bring feelings of worth or feeling accomplished.

My friend, Missy Adams, painted the red white and blue portrait of Trump. Missy is is well-known in her circle of friends and particularly her boys. They watch her drink coffee, pray, do housework, and be creative. She is famous to those she loves. Her popularity may reach well beyond that, especially with art. Being well-known to our family and community for living out the uniqueness God put in us is noteworthy.

Just like the rest of us, I am well-known. I am watched. I am well-known as a grandma, mother, sister, and friend. It doesn't have to be on the news or the internet.

I also find security in knowing that I am well-known by God. Now isn't that a lofty thought? That is true. If I was sitting in a dungeon without anyone to know me, I would still be well known........to God! I have his attention and I also know I must be worth alot to receive so much attention from the King of Kings.