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Where ever we are, we are interacting we affect the atmosphere,. Possibly infect. Our minds and thoughts are always on the go and as we respond to those thoughts, they often go out in the form of actions, facial expression, and sometimes more deliberate communication be it face to face, FB messenger, or physical action. At a party or one on one with friends it is joyful. At a funeral, sadness responds to sadness. In conflicts, responses can bring stress.

I was reading up on the one of the tiniest and most powerful response interaction. It is the response between cells. It is what keeps us alive and well. Sperm cells respond to egg cells and before long there is a fully functioning human being with millions of cells responding to each other. In a human body or animal body, or a plant a multitude of diverse cells are constantly responding and communicating with one another seemingly in a mindless way. They naturally support one another in coming against invading pests or antigens. Each communicates his position and it results in a growing healthy organism.

I was with my siblings for a week-end reunion. It was communicated many times that we resembled one another in various ways, physically and some in personality. Because of a basic cell reproducing in the trillions, we have grown to resemble, not only physically but in personality traits. Fascinating.

I pondered the likenesses in human interaction with one another.

We had a small incident that illustrated this. We were strolling around the lake. We were aware of all the people we passed, old and young around the lake. We noticed others that looked like hiking dots way across the lake. Out of the sounds of nature, we heard a guy in a boat yelling across the lake to another guy in a boat. The other guy responded. My brother in law, Tom, shouted a friendly greeting. It came back from off the lake. As I walked, I yelled out a "Yee Hah". I heard another voice echoing “helloooooo”. Other voices from all across the lake responded. Tom wanted to put some substance into his response, so he shouted “Go Broilermakers”. (Actually, he didn’t say that quite as loud) Then there were other shouts. It was fun. We were communicating verbally and laughing at a distance with people we didn’t know. The idea of FB popped into my mind. Our messages go out over the waves. Some messages bring laughter. Some bring sadness and prayers. Others bring conflict. There are all kinds of responses. Sometimes we know people’s responses in writing but we can’t often feel it like we can in person through facial expression and spoken words.

We thrive, as people, in socially being together, shaking hands, nodding, eye to eye smiles. My experiences with my family over the weekend brought a feeling of well-being. We weren’t just messaging on line because of distance. We were bouncing back and forth with words, memories, laughter, sometimes conflict and apologies. Physically being together, sometimes with no words brought a sense of belonging and wellness.

Be it one on one, or in mass, people need to be around each other in order to grow healthy. We thrive on face to face communication!