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Into the Frying Pan

Like a slippery egg on a griddle,

I have slid into life

What is this riddle?

And where did the heat come from?

To cook

To solidify

To change

And who turns the heat up

And flips me upside down?

Is THIS the essence of life?

I’ve been in this frying pan before

And I ask, “Am I done yet.”

Who’s watching me?

I’m not quite set in the middle.

I AM being watched

It’s ok.

I’ll be beautiful, in the end

Shining and centered.

I am asking myself “when”. When will I be done? When will I self-actualize? I guess it is after feeling the heat, the bouts of stress, pain, or deprivation of things I think I should have, that I grow in that direction. Slow growth….that’s what it is.

There is something beautiful about being in the frying pan. It is a universal state of being. The heat and stresses of life work to solidify and give growth in each individual journey. I am not alone. I am surrounded by fellow pilgrims. We can support one another in living to love God, others and ourselves. Love is quite the prize! Love and patience in the midst of impropriety, indecency, and misbehavior is the healing balm.

Being justified by my faith, I have peace with God, through Jesus. (Romans 5:1)