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Tigger and Pooh are opposites. Pooh ponders the trials of life. Tigger acts like he is conquering the trials life. Life is an arduous journey. It requires effort that can be difficult and tiring. I have had many conversations with people lately, several in the last two days.

There have been conversations about chronic disease, loneliness, joblessness, unexpected death of a loved one, fear of homelessness.

I would love to just slap a band aid on these hurtful things and go on. I wish I had words that would fix everything. But I don’t. A listening and discerning ear can be enough.

I have had the word “impetuous” going through my brain. I am not sure why, so I am throwing this into my blog and see what comes out of my head.

IM-PECH’-YOU-US. It is fun to say. Google says it is “done quickly without thought or care”.

I can easily listen to someone share extreme emotions and I listen quickly ”without thought or care”. The emotions that come with listening are not fun.

There are things in life that are a mystery and that I don’t understand. Because of the thoughts and anxiety that accompany this, my body gets busy. Like Tigger, I want to be on the move. I want to do something. I want to be in control. I compulsively move through life doing this and doing that, many times without thought. It frustrates me that I can’t “settle” and receive peace from the one who created me.


I impetuously respond to people without wisdom, because I don’t like what is being said.

I impetuously do things my own way quickly, when things aren’t getting done the way I think it should be.

I impetuously make decisions, so I can check it off and be done with it.

Going through life without thought and without a desire to engage in the emotions of life is not a full life. Perhaps it is what is called “denial”. Not wanting something to be true.

It takes TIME to work through things. Time spent doing the most important thing – relating to people and not relating to objects that have no heart.

I think this may be common. There is the story of Peter in the Bible and I would say that impetuous would be the word for him…and yet. And yet, Jesus called this disciple the Rock and that he would build his church on Peter. He was a part of a huge movement – the church – the formation of Christ’s body. (Matthew 16:17)

There is hope for all of us.