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Soul Food in Galilee

The sun rose as it has for thousands of years over the sea of Galilee. The same sun, but a different look every single day. My roommate, Amanda, and I made sure we were up at 5:30 am to watch it every morning for three days.

"Wow", Amanda said, as she snapped this picture.

The other days were more colorful but this one...this one was golden!

As I look back to my trip, my thoughts go to all the hustle and bustle, the scurrying through crowds, waiting at various sites, listening to our guide pack as much information between stops as she could. Great information but more than my little ears could hold. The hotels were clean and top notch. We were pampered beyond what I could have ever imagined. The complimentary buffets were spread with every kind of cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus, all kinds of breads and on and on. The deserts were outstanding. Thank you, God, was all I could say. They treat their tourists like royalty.

The best times were the times that I constrained myself to be quiet and to pull away, even for a few minutes. It was those times that I heard the still small voice of God.

I was surprised at my emotions when I saw where Jesus was born and where he was laid in the tomb. I didn't have any that I could pinpoint. That bothered me at first. Then I realized that God is bigger than I am and accepts me in any state I was in. Emotions would come when they were needed. I think it was because my brain was getting full and I couldn't grasp the reality that Jesus who was born and died in a body like mine... was in that VERY place! Like each one of us, he could have had the same roller coaster of emotions. He was always connected to His Father...the one I also call Father. I know without a doubt that I am alwasy and forever his.

My best times were when I journaled thoughts coming straight from my soul, by-passing the tangle of thoughts. There were so many questions and so many surprising views, and people around me constantly. Hmmmm. Perhaps that is why Jesus took time out every day to check in with his Father. I craved it. Faithfully, he made me to know his love.

Poem (from my journal)

Jesus, Lord over the water

Lord over me.

Struggling with distractions

Lights and trinkets and noise.

My thoughts rattle

My body tenses

The birds continue their sweet songs.

Loved people live here

Precious people.

God's people.

The history is here?

Do I understand the impact?

Depression seeps in here and there.

I don't understand.

God does.


Muncie, Indiana

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