Oceans Deep

June 17, 2018

 Water.  I love it.  It fills lakes, rivers, swimming pools, bathtubs, and us.  It refreshes. Fish and lobsters and everything that lives in water, love it too  The Sea of Galilee and the Mediterannean were beautiful and I did have time to wander and wonder.  Genie, in the photo, expresses my feelings.

She was not posing.


As I walked along the Mediterranean at Tel Aviv and also enjoyed the view of it as we travelled to Netanya.  I was able to find time by myself.   I walked along, looking at all the little trinkets, in the form of rocks and shells that the sea had presented during the night, I had many thoughts.  The waves lapped and I thought of the history that these waters had seen.  I thought about all the wars that took place on the Mediterranean for centuries.  I thought about the apostle Paul's shipwreck.  Looking out to the horizon caused me to think about the big picture.  Many countries share the Mediterranean as it heads out to sea.  I had big thoughts as I sat down and looked.   What it all represented is way bigger than me.  I feel the same way when I am on a beach in Florida.


I contemplated the fact that the water that my toes were touching was the same water that eventually finds its way to me in Indiana and into  White River and the Reservoir, etc.  Through ocean currents and droplets going upward to form clouds and then rain, it is distributed to all of us who share the same water.  The seas swish and roar and take water in huge currents all over the world.  I don't know how much time it takes for a specific drop of water to swirl and come out of my faucet.  Anyhow, we are drinking the same water that Alexander the Great drank, that camels stored in their bodies, that Moses as a baby floated in, and that Jesus walked on. There is nothing new under the sun and God put it all in motion.


Sooo....I journaled....


The Mediterranean

Lapping Israel

Having touched Greece, Italy and Spain, it tickles the beach I stand on.

And my eager toes.

It draws my thoughts to nations birthed

Nations conquered

Shipwrecks and fair skies.My thoughts expand to the ocean,

A massive world presence

Supplying the world with food , transportation, and fun.

Dare I think that our creator is small?

The earth is filled with God's kingdom.

It is here.

More is coming.

Jesus is here.

Jesus is coming.

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