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We went on a pilgrimage. It was step by step, moment by moment, never knowing what was around the corner. Many times the sights and sounds were above and beyond. Surprising. It would be interesting to know how many steps we took....going up or going down. Going down meant we were going to a deeper level, times of old, where ruins had been excavated. They are called ruins but I observed that the stones that had been built on top of one another, many of them weighing tons, had stood the test of time. That is what made it so fascinating and fun to be in such a place rich in the history I read in my beloved Bible.

We saw sites that are currently being excavated with new discoveries every day....new walls, pottery, colorful frescos. Some were from 7000 years ago. History is validated as the layers of dirt are removed to find walls built upon walls. Megido, for instance, which was a very happening place thousands of years ago, continues to be. We were watching more of the work that archeologists are doing today, additional discoveries being made beyond what they started discovering in the 1900s. There will be another blog on that. And then there was Dan, and Abraham's gate, Mount Carmel to the Jezreel Valley, the coliseums built by King Herod the Great. We went up and down the steps at the temple that where Jesus taught. We went down under the ground to view where they think Jesus was born. There was the upper room and also the possible spot where the shepherds saw the star. Most compelling were the steps we took through Jerusalem, following the steps that Jesus took to the point of crucifixion. The Via Delarosa.

I painted a picture that was inspired by Chip and Jeannie Alexander as they were leading us to the place where Jesus was crucified. We each knelt down to touch the rock that was enclosed under a huge Catholic altar.

I wonder how many steps Jesus took each day. Just wonderin'.