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Pushing and Shoving

The Jerusalem crowds in Jesus day were crying out to know what was happening as they pushed against one another.

"Where is Jesus now?" What's happening?!"

What did he say?

Queries right and left with rapid footsteps get in on the action. There must have been pushing and shoving and dirty looks. Anxious seeking.

When I was there, I saw multitudes of people in swollen lines trying to get to the tomb where Jesus came back to life. I was in line. People were lightly edging in and shoving, and there were a few dirty looks. (People will be people) Moments that could have been spent in silent meditation as I waited, turned into anxious moments of trying to stay with my group. In my mind I grieved that I may not get to walk in. It turned out that we didn't get in. Members of our group calmly accepted the disappointment.

"He's not here, anyway. He is alive IN us!" someone said.

Most of my own meditation took place in the crowds. I imagined the throngs around Jesus, coming from various walks of life. The throngs now are tourists from all over the world and it was refreshing to see all the people that wanted to be there. Interesting, but I didn't realize how badly I wanted to be in the holy land until I was actually there.

He's alive in me! What a proclamation We can experience the resurrected Christ in our presence no matter where we go. Crowds come and go. I walk solidly in Him.

From my Journal:

People bump into each other

In the narrow walled streets



Merchants and Vendors

"Excuse me"


Push push

"I'm important."

"I need...."

"I'm on a time-frame"


Sounds like my city

McGalliard Road

Madison Street

Walmart shopping aisles


All are important.

Exercises in patience.