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We had many surprises in the Holy Land, hand-in-hand and step-by-step with 8 people from the Garden at Gethsemane. It was a lively and diverse group. I was starting almost from scratch in getting to know them. We joined a 10 day tour with 20 others on a big new tour bus. As I looked around I saw a busload of smiling people, fellow believers in a pilgrimage to experience the places our beloved Jesus trekked

The fun part of getting to know people is watching God orchestrate words and actions amongst us.

Eugenia from my group met Eugenia from Florida. They had more in common than just their names. They were like long lost sisters with similar interests. There was not enough time to talk to everyone, because we were highly scheduled. The ones that I ended up in lines with or eating with brought great conversation.

I enjoyed the fellowship of the 20 - 40 year olds. Spark and insight and wisdom issued forth through them. By the end of the tour, they were not just smiling faces. They became brothers and sisters with whom we worshiped. The sweat, the hot paths, the dunk in the Jordan river, the salty Dead sea. We did it together.

And together we wondered.

From my journal:

Walking with Jeus in bodily form

The body of Christ

Broken and beaten

Familiar with tears

And laughter

Hot, tired


The spirit of the living God

Brings life to the roads of Israel

Life, also, to the whole world.