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Dead Sea

When someone says "the Dead Sea", ugly pictures rise up in my mind. Things like sea creatures gasping for air, and skeletons settled on the bottom. I was pleasantly surprised when we looked over the horizon of all the desert land and there was a big beautiful, blue tinted lake. It is bigger than I thought....55 miles long. It gets as deep as 900 feet in some places) Much of Israel's water supply comes from this big sea. In natural form, the water has 34% salt. Therefore, nothing can live in it.

That doesn't mean it's all bad. There is an unusual amount of minerals, 21 of them. The health and cosmetic industry thrives on the wealth of what these minerals provide.

Date Palm trees flourish in the salty sands around the dead sea. It is only one of a few trees that flourish in salt water. Jericho, near by, is known for the dates that come from these trees. It has become an industry. The dates are unusually sweet.

It was fun to go to the edge of the sea, rub the mineral rich mud on our bodies, let it dry and then rinse off in the brilliant waters. I sat back in the water like I was sitting back in an easy chair and I floated comfortably. There was no fear of sinking. You can't sink. When I stood up in the water, the salty water trickled down my forehead into my eyes, and that was very ouchy. I was blinded until I could get out of the water and head for the faucet of clear water on the beach.

We all noticed how soft our skin felt after we showered and got back on the bus.


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