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Dancing on the Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee was one of the most coveted parts of the trip for me. It was because I knew that it was not covered up by a church. It was the same sea Jesus travelled across. I got up and watched the sunset and later we entered the boat, one that held all 30 of us and with a railing.

As we were pushing off from shore, I was finding my spot where I could glide quietly on the sea, lean against the railing, and able to imagine all the beautiful stories I had heard about the Sea of Galilee. Jesus calmed the storms. He walked on it and it was one of his main modes of transportation.

My expectations were side-railed. There was loud music on our boat. Since it was a tour boat, the "captain" wanted to honor us with music. Before long they were corralling all of us to dance the Jewish circle dance. I got up and begrudgingly but graciously tried to dance to the fast music with the whole group. I put on a smile. I'm a dancer, but didn't feel like it because I wanted to watch the sea. We got to the shore too soon, at least for me.

Later, as I thought back to this experience, I remember fondly the time out on that water and I can meditate quietly at home. It became a moment that taught me a lesson....a lesson about not having my way. I am learning not to expect things to be a certain way but accept things as they are. We were a part of the tourist culture going along with our Jewish leaders. I will continue to think fondly of the experience because I realize that I was actually on a boat, dancing on the Sea of Galilee!!!

Here is an actual boat, that was dug up fairly recently that scientists have traced to Jesus' time.

Could anyone have danced on that? I have heard that they can put alot of fishermen on there with nets.

How many times did Jesus have his quiet times interrupted? Jesus was dancing on that boat in all of us and probably laughing too. I picture him saying, "Laurie, deal with the noise. Loosen up, and enjoy the hospitality of the precious Jewish community."