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I had a beautiful experience with 8 ladies at the Liberty Baptist Church.I led a painting group. All, except one, had never painted on canvas. It is cathartic to watch the paint flow onto the canvas. Oftentimes, the paint brings the surprise of new unexpected colors. Shapes and lines often happen inadvertently in response to emotions, mood, and personality. The social aspect was just as beneficial.

I encourage those who paint with me to not try to paint like me. They can take basic ideas and hints I give about mixing color and finding balance within a rectangular space. I also let them know that mistakes are OK. They can be fixed easily on canvas by using a damp rag or letting it dry and painting over it. No canvas is wasted, unless you get mad and punch through it. I haven’t seen that happen. One of the budding artists didn’t like her painting at all. She painted over it leaving the circular shape. In moments she had a sunflower that she was going to finish. It is better to make mistakes and learn, in any aspect of life, than to not try new things.

With the use of the three basic colors, we had some surprise purples and browns. Some colors were put to use. Others were mixed with other colors and experimented with on a paper plate. The use of white added to any color added contrast to the vibrant forms on the canvas. I often share what color means to me. Color is a healing agent. I have to have it for a healthy and creative life. New colors added to home and garden make life joyful. Even placing colors on a dinner plate with bright green beans, carrots and beets with a light touch of red strawberries or chocolate cake is delightfully received by our eyes.

We talked and shared and laughed as we painted. Friendships were deepened and deeper aspects of a person beyond small talk and outer appearance were exposed through art expression. It was light-hearted and free. Because of this, they are looking into investing in art supplies and doing it again on their own, as a group. Instead of a teacher there is a pooling of the minds and feedback can be sought.

The best part, is signing the picture and putting it on the wall for others to enjoy.

Art….do it! Don’t miss discovering new aspects of yourself.