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He Flew

"Time for kayaking," I told myself.

I particularly wanted to do it as a birthday present to myself and invite my friends. I started to call my friends to set a time, and there was a nagging thought in me.

"I need to go by myself," I realized.

Normally that would not sound good to me, since I like doing things with people. For some reason it did. I pictured an early morning float down the river, just me and nature and water and I got giddy.

I got on the river at the same time a large group of kids were tubing. I passed them and was by myself for two hours. Unexpectedly, I found myself not thinking about anything except what was in front of me for that period of time. And it was a blue heron. He flew right in front of me.

"Beautiful!" I gasped outloud.

I think he heard me, so he went back and forth in front of me for almost 2 hours, showing off his beauty. It was almost like he was showing me something. He would sweep down on a log by the water. I would float quietly to where he was and then he would sweep up into the sky and land further down the river on the other side. I would then float to him and he would do it again. It was like we were consciously playing a type of "leap-frog" game only it was "fly-land-wait...fly-land-wait". There was a true rhythm to it. I would have almost considered it a conversation. with a knowing friend.

What is the message, I wondered. I think it is encouragement for me to FLY. To live life....to live my calling. To do that, I have to land and wait and be ready for each "open sky" moment to fly. The rhythm of life. No hurry....stop, wait, watch, pray, listen. That graceful free bird didn't worry or fear. He did what was in him. I had pen and paper with me, so I sketched him as he flew and then later painted him.

Quietness is a new discovery for me I have spent most of my life helping everyone I could and getting to know lots of people and staying busy and often doing things out of turn or in a pushy manner. I didn't like being alone.

Something has clicked recently.