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I love chocolate milk. I am grateful to be able to buy it when I am thirsty for it. Could I do without it? I think so. There have been months at a time that I did without it.

I always told myself I could do without stuff. I once backpacked for 2 weeks in the Montana wilderness (with a group, thank God). It was hard but very good. Awesome, in fact. Last time I tent camped in the Appalacians, I didn't sleep so well. That was hard but very good. I suppose the beauty of nature made the difference.

Where I live, I have what I need and more. I can spend $8 on a movie when I want. I have a car when I want to go somewhere far. I can eat from a selection of colorful foods from the Farmer's market. I have healthy water.....and on.....and on.

Those with low income? Their basic needs are getting met to a certain extent. Much of it is through community.

According to Mirriam Webster, materialsim is "a preoccupation with or stress upon material rather than intellectual or spiritual things" This does not have to do with how much a person possesses. Everything comes from God anyway. Both the poor and the rich can stress on material things and ignore the other important things We are all whole people. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are always there waiting to be met.

My pastor recently said that God puts within our souls to thirst for Him and then He provides living water - more than we can hold. It is more than we can use all at once, so we only take in what we can. That is abundance. This became clearer to me when I was told the story about Jesus on the cross, dying. In his agony, he cried out two words. "I thirst". So in the midst of dying in our place, he thirsts for God, the way he wants US to thirst for God.

What about having security. Oh, wow, I have struggled with that my whole life. Understanding of my being secure in Jesus has grown and it takes away the stress. That is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual security. According to Him, I can live with or without. My life is of great value.

So! Thank you God. You fulfill my thirst for chocolate milk, and I don't even have to have it. You also fill my thirst with living water! Gotta have that!