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Giggles and Art

Today, I went to Oakhurst Gardens to paint with two friends. We called it a "Paint Out". At one point while we were painting I said that I thought the bug sounds had entered my picture. I love bug sounds and I felt the colors of the sounds. Traffic noise was there but it was pretty easy to block out.

About an hour into our "paint out", a group of 8 children (all under 12) trooped down the path. They were hopping and skipping and smiling with Grandma Stacy Ball and and her daughter, Stacy were with them. They were Jessica's kids and nieces and nephews. I found out a bunch of stuff because they headed right over to see what we were painting. I was last and by that time they were all wound up and talking all at once with questions nonstop. I wasn't able to separate all the sweet sounds, but I sat there and soaked in the music of their voices.

"You all are so beautiful. I wish I could paint you," I said.

"Yeh! they agreed.

"Can you stand like a statue for an hour", I asked.

"Yeh!!!" two of the eight year old girls hollered.

Then they all wanted to be painted. I made a quick decision that it was not possible to do that in what time I had left, so I told them I would paint them all (quick pen and ink sketches) at home. I would then make sure they got them.

I have known their family for years, and someone should be acknowledged for how these kids were being raised. They are open. They are honest. They are real. Everytime I see them, they are outside enjoying everything.

Children are so childlike. Duh. "Childlike" I like. Jesus did too.

Matthew 19:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”