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Mama's Soul Food

Mama's Soul Food is a new restaurant downtown on Mulberry Street. My friend, Jing and her husband who just arrived in America for the first time, decided to check it out. I have heard that food is healthier when prepared with love...and I felt the love. I walked in and I was surrounded by a working family. There were teen cousins serving. Mama and some others were in the kitchen and I think I saw Papa in there too. The grandchildren were dancing around the room to music playing on the stereo. So cute. There were pictures on the walls with homey messages.

They cook for a day and you choose from what they have. It is different every day. I asked for fried chicken and greens. Pound cake for dessert. Delicious. Our teen server was very attentive and didn't want to make mistakes. I had a question and she sent for "the manager". Mama, I think. She came out with a smile, put her arm around me and made sure I was taken care of. I looked at Jing and mouthed the words "I feel the love." She agreed.

This family grasps the importance of working together to reach a dream that Mama had. Family makes you who you are. It strengthens society. This family is learning through some trial and error what it takes to run a business. The culinary part - they have it down! The support for one another from Grandma on down to the smallest grandchild is a picture to Muncie the importance of family!

Just remember to bring cash.