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Cradling Flowers

This is Grandma Williamson's hand. Oops, no it isn't. It is mine. It sure looks like how I remember hers, as she walked around the garden slowly going from flower to flower, cradling each big and little "face" and then bending down to smell.

Whenever I went to Grandma's house, the first things she said was "I want to show you the garden."

The flowers were beautiful, but it was more about Grandma's relationship to the earth and to the flowers. It was love at its best. She stopped and admired every flower. Bugs and birds were fun for her too.

I am the age she was, now, and I am doing the same with my grandson, and he is catching the love for growing things, too.

"That one reminds me of lemon pudding."

"That one is my mom's favorite color."

"Can you eat the seeds in the center of that sunflower?"

Since I have slowed down my life and learned to look at life through the eyes of a child, I have seen Grandma's ways in me. I cradled an Iris in honor of her today. It is difficult for me to grasp such beauty. Life for me now isn't all about getting places in the car, trying to get work done, running here and there on a schedule. I am learning to look around. It does something for my mind and body.

I am grateful for Grandma Williamson. It has been 50 years since she was with me. She died when I was 16, but not before she had totally won me over, with love for nature, especially flowers!