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Children's Book Illustrations

Art is to be shared. It is to be displayed and enjoyed. It usually has some kind of meaning to the person that hangs it on the wall. I have been guilty of hoarding art, because of the time and creative energy I have invested, along with a piece of myself.

I have 24 canvases (12 spreads) that I painted for my third children's book. They are stacked in my closet and are not being displayed. They could be bringing color and joy into someone's room. I hesitated to split them up, but I decided to sell them, spread by spread. Size for each half spread is 16 X 20 inches.

Keegan Wonders is full of nature and most of the canvases have a dinosaur or two in them. I am putting this in my blog, not only to describe my feelings about my art but also my willingness to allow them to "leave the nest", if someone wants one.

I read the book page by page on a video. Pick one you like! Contact me through this blog or in person or FB.

Here is the link Keegan Wonders on YouTube

I will have an art exhibit of my art work At Kennedy Library in Muncie. I have painted them over the summer. They are pastels. One spread from Keegan Wonders will be displayed.

Another one: