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Have you heard?

Nature heals. Natural sounds are beautiful. Have you heard the orchestra in the night? chchchchchchcchchchchchc heh-eh' heh-eh' heh-eh' heh-eh'. That's the best I can do with words. The sounds are mixing together from thousands of insects harmonizing. We cannot reproduce that sound I reclined on the ground at 11 pm last night and just soaked it up. It went into my ears and circulated through my body. I felt it down to my bones. I open my windows wide open at night with my ears as close to the screen as I can get them, as I place my head on my pillow.

For some reason, I have not noticed until lately. I tune ongoing noise out like traffic and trains along with the ongoing noise of nature's call. It didn't seem important. I was too busy thinking about my next project and not enjoying what is rightnow. I have heard these sounds my entire life and I have taken it for granted like the air I breathe.

I have heard the frogs mating calls out by the reservoir in the Redtail Preserve. That sound is distinct and compelling. there must be alot of mating going on everywhere. That's nature....

About a year ago, someone told me that if you stand in the middle of a corn field at night on a calm totally quiet night, you can hear corn grow. I have placed a link on this blog . Just click on the photo. The sound is recorded It is a very slight ongoing crackling. As it was recorded, they measured over an inch of growth in 8 hours" I went to a corn field tonight to see if I could hear it and I could not. I do know that corn grows fast at times and it makes sense that you might be able to hear it.

Then there is the sweet sound of warm (!) rain and the gentle rumbling of thunder. There are leaves doing percussion to the wind.

I will be amiss if I do not mention the birds. They deserve much applause for their concerts.. They talk to us in ways no person can. Listening to them when my eyes are not even open yet makes me want to get up happy!

I pray that the world will not drown out these heavenly sounds.