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Making Room

Making room to connect with friends and family can seem daunting. Getting to know neighbors or taking time to step into others' lives is pocrastinated, so that years go by being around people who are just there and not seen or heard. I like to watch for and prepare for connections

I was recently reminded of my hesitance, when a new young couple moved in next door. I didn't have a chance to even think about knocking on their door. But then there was a knock at MY door.

"Hi, I'm Becca."

I was seen and acknowledged. Nice one, Becca. Now she is opening her house one evening to neighbors for rootbeer floats.

I remember a time when my energetic neighbor boys would greet me after an 8 hour day of work and want me to play with them. My mind screamed "no" and my body wanted to lie down on the couch. I decided one day to take a leap.

"They want to spend time with ME. Me? What a compliment." I told myself. "I can return the compliment. I can put my tiredness aside, and play with them."

I did.

Ten minutes made them happy. And that moment brought energy to me. Now I have more time and don't work 8 hour days and I see them almost every day. They have become buddies with my grandson and another neighbor boy has been added to the mix. Tonite, I spent 2 hours playing with them at the pool. Actually, lately it has been every night after school. I could have missed this treasure.

Linda, Patti, and Jeri and I went to college together. We started a tradition close to 20 years ago. When August comes, that is the time to go somewhere together. Last week we took a trip to the beautiful area around Berlin, Ohio. I took mud masks, art supplies, cards and Taboo (a word game).

It ended up that the week-end could not be calculated. We grabbed the "now" moments right in front of us. The picture above shows a gazebo that we came across. We walked over to it and there were four chairs sitting there empty and waiting. They were in a circle. It didn't take long before we were seated and talking a mile a minute, sharing joys, sorrows, memories, and dreams. We could have conjured up plans to see a movie, or shop, or run around some more, but taking this moment made this the best moment of our week-end that had been full of many sights.

Let's take time to seek out these moments. It may seem daunting, but it is so rewarding.