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I Could Just Cry

Yesterday, I had a wreck. (No other cars involved, thank God) I couldn't get out of my car without alot of pain in my back. I had no phone except a broken one at home, no phone numbers, not even in my head. A phone is so important in contacting people quickly. Lucky for me, people were on the job fighting for me using their phones to get help. I spent hours in the emergency room with lots more help. The best help was from my son, Tim, who patiently sat there with me. When was the last time I had talked to Tim for 4 hours? A bit of joy bubbled up just having him there.

"I could just cry, not from the pain, but because of family." I mused.

"Well, it's bonding time," I said, to encourage myself and Tim.

When I finally got tucked into my home, my neighbors came. Barb gave me her personal phone to use. Liz talked me through the importance of lying down and reminding me what to do if the pain gets worse. Keri called and asked if I wanted to sleep in her extra bed so I would have company. I got a message on my computer that Audrey, my "future daughter-in-law". She is driving from Indy to bring supper. My artist friend, Paula, dropped in unexpectedly, not even knowing about the situation. She said I had been heavy on her mind. More bonding time! I didn't ask for any of this attention, and I didn't put a thing on social media. It was word of mouth, starting with Tim who called my neighbor.

Par took me to get my phone fixed and then to the car rental place. (Oops, no cars available) OK. I'll keep faithing it. After she took me home, I started counting the blessings of friends and the way God orchestrates for my needs.

I feel so loved. I could just cry. The physical pain in my back is there, but not enough to cry. There was so much well-timed help that gratitude welled up in me. It took away the sting of all the things that happened.

Right now, I am sitting at home with no phone, no car, no art supplies (which are in my car), nothing to work on, because my work papers are in the car. It's only for awhile. I may get to clean out my wrecked car this afternoon.

I know my faith has grown. I haven't gotten impatient, or worried about it all. I am resting and allowing God to take care of it all as I do what I need to do. I could just cry from gratitude.

My doorbell just now rang. Now I have home-made chicken salad sandwiches from Kevin, another neighbor! I could just cry.

Now there is a knock. Can't finish my blog. Kathy is here to pray for me. I'm all choked up.

THE POINT: This all happened WITHOUT social media.