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Head in the Clouds

My phone went in the river. Luckily, all my photos, contacts, and valuable other things went in the cloud. Now they came back....into my replacement phone.

Well, the science of it all is intriguing. My trusty phone experts have explained it to me and I have read about it, but I don't get it.

I remember gazing up at the sky hundreds of times, when I was a little girl. I wondered then about the science of it the air and the skies. It made my imagination go wild. Science says that clouds are formed from water droplets going up and then when conditions change, the droplets come back down.

And here I am with my little phone packed with little things that "went up" and the little things come back down into my little phone. No interruptions. Blows my mind.

I started pondering the terminology that often describes me as having my "head in the clouds". A meaning I found came down from the clouds (internet) "Head in the clouds"is used to indicate that a person has fantastic or impractical dreams.

When I was young, I could have wondered if I could do without a phone book, type things that could be sent instantly to anyone in the world, how to not waste paper, and best of all know anything I wanted to know....like right now. It all seemed like a pipe dream then. Well that dream has come true.

OK, Siri, how much does a cloud weigh?

First figure out how dense the cloud is. Scientist have measured the water density of a typical cumulus cloud as 1/2 gram per cubic meter for about a small marble's worth of water in a space you and a friend could comfortabley sit in. The density will be greater for different types of clouds."

More answers? Yep, there's a lot more.