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Do Your Thing

There was a time when I didn't really know what I liked. "A little bit of everything" covered it. Now I am picky. I want my preferences to flow out of who I am. I love baked fresh veggies with no salt or pepper. I want to experience the flavors bursting in my mouth. I like lots of color. That is why you will find me in gardens and art museums and gawking at scenery while I am in the car. I like comfortable basic clothes especially splashes of turquoise.

There is a learning curve to finding your own thing.....your own style. It is easy to try to be like someone who has a popular style. A picture of what you want a painting or a piece of art to look like arises in your mind. For some reason, it doesn't come out like you picture. That's because we have individualized expression. Think about it. We each have a unique gait, a unique voice and vocabulary, unique handwriting, and totally unique ways of seeing things and responding to things.

Today Carol Strockwasson, a beloved artist mentor, was sharing with our artist group that each needs to find his or her own style. She showed us different artist's paintings. The subject matter may be the same but the brushstrokes and use of color was different. We easily recognize a Mary Cassatt painting or a Van Gogh painting because they painted and painted until they found themselves. Paintings mirrored each individual gait. Something very good happened today. There was freedom.

"Let your inner beauty come out through your choices of action and color." That's how I would put it, because uniqueness is beauty.

We all have that beauty, no matter what emotions, or hard times or good times we are experiencing. Today, I was a little depressed. Not sure why exactly. I started painting what was in front of me (a bowl of apples) and as I put colors to paper, and I discovered I still had the beauty of color inside me, even though I felt a little gray. I don't know why, but my best art comes out when I am tired or sad. Could be a spiritual thing. Yeh, very likely.

I have posted today's painting. It made me happy.