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Faces and Places

When I think of the world I tend to think of a huge ball holding a conglomeration of unique people and unique communities. How does this affect me? We are all connected as human beings and feel the plight of peoples in conflict as we read and hear about earthquakes, wars, hunger and persecution. There are conflicts in thinking.

My first thoughts that I brought to God this morning was the precious folks on the eastern coast facing Hurricane Florence. What can I do? I can care and remember them. And trust God.

There is a prayer that is sent through my email reiterating current events in the world. It helps me wrap my mind around a tiny bit of what I want to pray for. It helps me see the faces and places. Here's a link. World News This Week in Prayer

As I was pondering the world praying for people, I was thinking of the faces and places I have been. I prayed for the courageous and community oriented Indians, the highly educated crowds of Chinese, the Mid Easterners in upheaval and grief. I remembered a rubber ball that I had impulsively bought at The Dollar Store. I did not buy it for bouncing. It has become a visual for me, where places are in comparison. I picture God holding the world as I pray.

How do I pray for people I don't know? First of all, I remember the people I know and how important family and friends and community are to me. Then I remember that people all over the world are connected to family and there is both joy and sorrow in the midst of these wonderful constructions. God, let families be healthy and united, and keep them from emotional separation.

I care about the world because God cares about every minute detail and human heart. I can't fathom every detail. I don't know people's hearts. Only what I can see with human eyes.

I trust.