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Discovering Other Artists

I was dining with a large group of people before church at Main Street shelter. The group was made up of people from all walks of life, those with homes and those without homes. The fellowship area is a cool area in the heat and a warm place in the winter. This is a place that I often do art. We keep pastels (like chalk) and black roofing paper handy for when anyone gets inspired. It happens all the time. After getting my plate of food, I spotted a gentleman with a bandana, busily drawing with the pastels.

"Oh good," I thought, " he discovered the chalk. He had set his full plate of food aside and was totally engrossed. It was an opening for me to join him. I talked to him as I picked up my ham sandwich. He told me that he had been an artist his whole life. It is a passion for him. I didn't ask any questions, but he openly shared his life with me...his good times and bad times, his lack of a family from when he was very young, and things he had accomplished and not accomplished.

He continued on with a comprehensive discussion of the gospel. It was very inspiring. I just listening. He drew as he talked. (A picture of his drawing is shown on this blog.)

He described his relationship with Jesus as he talked. He leisurely drew his rendition Jesus. And yes, his food was cold by then.

I decided to follow suit. I how I pictured Jesus. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of my drawing, but you can see it at the shelter, where you are always welcome.) It is hanging alongside his

I talked about Jesus too.

"We are closing down," Pastor Tony announced.

My new friend gulped down his food on the run and we were on our way.

Yes, art removes boundaries and helps people to know one another.