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Why So Many Spiders?

I've seen more spiders than ever before. I don't know if it has been the weather or because I am retired and notice the webs more.

On my way to Minnetrista, on my bike, I went across the bridge and in between almost every post of the railing there was a lacy web. They were almost invisible until I started examining them. They were all different designs and sizes. It took a photo of one.

"Don't kill spiders or destroy their homes." I have heard this from two people recently.

"Why?" I ask. "I want to be a good housekeeper."

Since everything has a part to place in the balance of creation, I should have known the answer. They are part of the circle of life. They eat mosquitoes, etc. I googled it and found that they even eat centipedes. Here is an excerpt from Google:

"A spider waits for a meal on its web. In addition to eating insects such as ants, flies, mosquitoes, and bees, spiders will also eat very small animals like birds, frogs, lizards, and centipedes. Many will also eat other spiders! But spiders can be picky eaters."

I can't picture all this but it is true, we need to be protecting these precious creatures!