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Mariachi Music Causes Dancing

If you are just talking, turn the volume down. If you are singing, turn up the speakers, and let's dance!

Dancing is a healing agent. The body is so expressive, especially when mindlessly moving to music.

There was Mariachi music at Canan Commons last Thursday night. There was a huge crowd of Funcie Muncie people. My sketch book came in handy as I waited for the concert to start. I drew sketches of people cross-legged on the ground. I drew cross-legged on cross legged chairs, and those in other relaxed poses.

When the music started, children ran to the front. They danced and danced...with abandon! That was the best part of the whole evening. I tried to sketch them moving. I sketched fast to the music.

I looked at my pencil drawings today and decided to paint a picture that shows the joy and energy of children dancing. I got some Mariachi music on my phone, and painted to the music. I posted one of my results.


Muncie, Indiana

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