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Destination Wedding in New Orleans

My feelings? Joy! I sauntered into the lovely restaurant to go to a pre-wedding dinner. The small room opened up elegantly. I was one of 17 very special guests. Mom of the Groom! I love that title because it is a love bond. I was grateful to see my son happy in the midst of being "tamed" by his bride. I observed kind and gentle respect. I heard her laughter and sensed the contentment of being loved unconditionally. Both were themselves and comfortable as their personalities rattle back and forth. Funny.

Marriage is a good thing. It is a commitment to LOVE. That was the message in their "love note" vows.

A destination package-wedding was good planning on their part. Everything was taken care of by the "ring-leader" (Pastor Tony) of the funky little chapel in the French Quarter. The days that surrounded it were spent listening to jazz up down the streets, finding art, having dinner in small family and friend groups, and texting good times and where we were and what we were doing. Texting was how the families and friends ran into each other here and there and knew how to find us- all over New Orleans. No real planning needed!

Typical texts:

"I'm walking south on Market Street. Where are you?"

"I can go north and meet up."

"We are taking the French Quarter Tour. Wanna meet us at 2:00?

"Not now. Maybe later."

"I will, see you later."

"We are sleeping in. Leave us alone til noon."

I came home with a thankful heart for the many good times I am committing to memory. The ties we made with family and friends was valuable.