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Like the Ocean

“It is easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the ocean.” ― Jon J. Muth

Jon Muth is a favorite author/illustrator. I like his quote. It is so easy to get involved in my own activity without realizing that what I do radiates out to the sea of humanity.

I have spent my life living in many different houses and neighborhoods. I never thought that when I became single, that I would find a place like Riverbend Commons. I like my duplex and it is in a great location. More than that I like my neighbors. Through my experiences living in many different types of neighborhoods, I realize that when I have a home in a neighborhood, it is not just a single dwelling. It is a part of a community. The community is part of the city and the city is part of our state and the state is part of the midwest and....on and on.

Neighborhood Associations are growing in Muncie. The Muncie Action Plan included this goal because it is believed that if we have healthy happy neighborhoods, we have a healthy happy city. I have been active with other neighborhoods and watched the changes. It was so common at one time for me to see cluttered alleys in downtown areas. Lately, I haven't seen this. Neighbors have come together to get things cleaned up. I have seen a huge change. I have seen neighborhoods of all kinds, band together to find ways to make theirs special, places people would want to live, or move into.

Where I live, several Riverbend Commons residents have worked to form an association with the purpose of getting to know others, and also to continue the vision and the values that were placed covenants that were created when it was started 20 years ago. Our association gathers quarterly to touch base and to socialize. It is also a place where we can bring ideas and also any issues that are arising. It is a place to communicate.

We are all different. Some of us like to be left alone. That is ok. Some of us love to have unique gardens. That is well and good. Some of us like to have our lights on and some want theirs off. That's OK. People like different kinds of pets. OK. Some like to decorate their homes for holidays. And that's OK too. We can all live as we want as long as it doesn't hurt the "whole" and what we have in common.

Let us unite by celebrating every person's unique presence. It makes for an interesting community. Keep on, Muncie!