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Those People

The people in this picture were painted in person several years ago when I was an artist in an Alzheimer's unit. I have done this for years with all ages of people and it gives me opportunity to look them in the face, talk to them and try to capture their essence. They are precious people who have lived full lives. They are not in a useless state.

I often make quick judgments about people I can’t help but see what is in front of me. I have had several situations lately in making quick judgments has been very detrimental. So often I am wrong.

My huge aim is not to make judgments at all. All loving God, help me.

If someone is ignoring me, it doesn’t mean they are ”the first word that comes into my mind” - stuck up” And it doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t like me. It may mean that there is a death in the family, a chronically nagging bodily pain. Perhaps I was not seen. And maybe I should have made the first move instead of just a glance.

Putting people in categories can be another issue. “Those people” are exclusive. “Those people” are crazy because they believe such and such.” “Those people” don’t care about their kids. “Those people” are lazy. “Those people” only think about themselves.

It could even be positive things. “Those people are big givers. “Those people” are friendly. All of them? Maybe. Maybe not.

The truth is that cannot be lumped together into "those people:. There is a different mind and heart in every person. Only God knows. I learn to perceive people when I get to the point of having heart to heart talks.

The friends that God has put in my life right now are people I would not normally be drawn to. I had a picture in my mind what kind of friends I needed….those with certain qualities. Friends have been thrown into my life through many different circumstances and I have been enriched.

Many who look like they have it all together don’t. Of course not. That includes me. Many who are struggling outwardly bring to the world courage and faith. And humility. And vulnerability.

The world includes all kinds of people for our benefit. We are all the same…..made in God’s image. I envision that in people often.

Thank God, I am continuing to grow in accepting people where "they're at". [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]


Muncie, Indiana

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