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What in the World

How do I keep from being turned into a "news junky". There is no end to the news. It is on day and night. There is no city or country in the world that cannot be viewed from around the world. Every place in the world is up for grabs on the news circuit. I do only a few minutes of world news callesthetics a day. How many heartaches can I endure? My own city, itself, has so many grievous situations and pains.

A friend asked me what I was going to do about the shooting in the Jewish synagogue?

"I don't know. What can you do?"

"You can speak out in your small circle of people and make a difference. Speak out for equality. Speak out kindly of others. Speak out for love. Most of all don't get complacent." she said.

I can do that. These news items that confront me seem so far away and yet so near. When I try to care about too many people, I hurt and my brain gets too full. I am making daily decisions to focus on my little grandson who comes over after school every day. He is like a sponge and I just pour into him encouragement and hope and truth and reality balance. I talk to my 12 year old friend who I do art with. I talk to my neighbors. Actually, I relate to every kid I can find, the best I can, and one on one if possible. And adults too, of course.

I think Mr. Rogers had it down. He carved big issues down so a child could understand. He talked about acceptance of others and yourself. Every adult also needs the message "I like you just the way you are."

So we each are a part of the whole....our family, the community....and the world. So we live our lives to model what is important in life. And we can do it in a calm and confident way.

How do I look at the world? How do I look at elections and leadership. I am convinced that God has it all. I can pray. I can do my civic dutes, but the most important thing is that I share the hope I have because God has it. I want to do more than talk about it. I want to live it, and get close with the One who knows! My pastor says, "God's not confused, though we tend to feel confused." That is nice to know.