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Parvathi's View of the Election

The "election results" morning included a visit with Parvathi, my close friend and neighbor who is Indian.

The minute she opened her door to me, she started jumping up and down and bubbling. It was non stop. Her face was shining.

"The women won!".

"The Republicans AND Democrats won."

" There is a native American, African Americans, a Muslim, a Jew....."

Then she started spouting off all the names of who won different states. I could name Indiana. SHE had them memorized. I didn't need to read the Star Press on line. I did when I got home. I looked at the election matter-of-factly. I wasn't necessarily excited or disappointed. I voted for my favorites, the ones that I had carefully researched, on both sides. I really don't know what leaders are best for America.

What I learned from Parvathi is that she is excited about being a new American. She got her citizenship last year and she studied every aspect of America in order to be interviewed for citizenship. She said that her husband wants to run for an office some day. What I like about her husband is that he has grown to know and appreciate the American government. He has strong opinions and he can talk for hours about current events.

"Why don't your run for office, Laurie," she queried. "I will vote for you."

"No thank you." But maybe I should.

Parvathi inspires me patriotically. Her fresh enthusiasm makes me proud to be American! Now I'm bubbling.