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My Head Feels Clear

I've noticed that there are too many people in my life right now. What was I thinking when I added "everybody" to my Facebook. Hey, I love people!

It seems like there are too many fun things to do. What was I thinking when I added all those groups and pages. Hey, I'm interested in a lot of stuff.

It sure is easy to buy stuff on line without thinking about my budget. What was I thinking when I allowed Facebook to analyse my clicks and my cursor and throw everything they think I want right in my face.

Yikes. In one or two clicks, I can get any information in the moment, whatever my mind is thinking about.

I am deep in this computer world and as wonderful as it is, it is daunting to keep my focus on what I am about and what I am trying to do. I am watching my mind move quickly and sporadically. It takes discipline for me to do the basic things like my exercise routine, my rest, meditation, and reading, hours when I come up up with my own ideas, my housework and my preparation for work, and volunteering.

Today's calendar stayed blank for a reason. It is Saturday. I didn't let anything on my computer call my name. And I really don't get phone calls anymore unless it is a very very close friend or an emergency. It is now 1:30 in the afternoon and I feel fulfilled. What have I done? I exercised at home. I planned for Thanksgiving so when it comes I won't be stressed. I did some planning for Christmas. I researched, on the computer some things I was wondering about - the first Christmas. (I love history). I wrote out future lesson plans for the art classes I am teaching. I journaled. I had coffee as watched the birds outside at my bird feeder, and the antics of the chipmunks and squirrels. All this was done in a leisurely way. Nothing took long, but I felt no pressure. I don't have to be anywhere.

My head feels clear. I hope to rake leaves with the neighbor kids this afternoon if they are around.

It's all good, computer and all. It sure makes my journaling easier. And my research. Right now I feel like my head got clear. It was from just having a time of wrap-up and thoughtful accomplishment on a Saturday.

I hope to get together with people face to face soon. And that is the best!