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One Another

“What’s your story?”

Those were the first words out of Jing’s mouth, as she sat down for an interview with Dori Taylor, who runs a household for girls recovering from addiction. After that question and two hours later, Jing and I were reeling with the picture of God we saw in the action packed story of Dori’s life.

Jing’s interview is for a paper she is writing about Muncie. She is including the addiction part of our community. She is getting a good grasp of it and also has a heart for it.

Dori had us on the edge of our seats as she casually, and at times, tearfully, shared her story of growing up in a very dysfunctional house, moving around, abuse, low self-esteem, addiction and on and on. I normally squirm through long stories but I was glued to this one. She portrayed Jesus in a humble way and how he worked in the most unlikely ways, from getting her to the best locations at opportune times to making himself unmistakably present in circumstances. There were things she can look at retrospectively and see God’s hands in every gruesome detail of her life. She felt God tap her on the shoulder at one point, so she could have quiet uninterrupted time with him. This was in jail and she longed for that. Nothing has gone to waste. She has used every hard lesson she has learned to help others who are struggling now.

She stopped to ponder how many hard times she is walking through still.

“It is all for my growth” she said convincingly.

As she spoke, I started thinking about all the things God has used in my own life for my growth. They are things I don’t necessarily take note of. Pretty much the worst of things. It made me feel thankful for the hard times, the ones I didn’t want to go through.

“When I doubt, I begin realizing God’s faithfulness in the past" she stated.

What kept me glued to her every word was the spirit that I saw behind those words. It was God’s spirit working an inner beauty that I couldn’t stop beholding. She is a vehicle through whom God works.

"What's my story?"

Well, it's quite different from hers and yet....the same. It is the story of God redeeming my weaknesses and failures and turning them into something beautiful. It is the story of death and then life.

The story of Jesus' death is gruesome and horrible, but the life he lived on earth and then as he arose with a heavenly body is the same story. He brings life from death every day, Today, I saw hope and life in Dori. And also in me. I saw the importance of gathering to hear one anothers' testimonies. Dori's important faith stories spurred me on.

Dori said it best.

"The household we initiated for struggling women was because of what we believe about community." It will cure many of societies ailments. It is called Urban Light House

God works in the context of "one another". I was thankful for Dori's story