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Wonderful Clutter

"I need to get something done." That is where my mind has been going constantly.

"No I don't" I told myself. I usually think I DO.

I had cleared myself of clutter the week before and now there is happy clutter - toys, books, art stuff, and dirty dishes, from which delicious homemade concoctions were eaten. To eliminate clutter, I had only brought one box of decorations down to put in the front window to greet passers-by.

"How did this happen?"

My doors were open and I was home most of the time because I was dog-sitting with Lola, the most wonderful dog. She became my bed partner and constant companion. (I slept like a dream) Kids came to play with the dog. Neighbors came to say HI and bring treats. My son and his girlfriend stopped frequently to love on their dog and me. The texts were coming and many times I told people to call when they texted so we could chat. Kids danced. I even let my neighbor and grandson sit on the counter to eat. Unconventional.

My sons friend and kids came to paint on canvas, along with my son's girlfriend and neighbors, and my grandson. I took quick short naps between the rings of the doorbell. I was in my element. I let things happen around me. I let the messes happen. I let people in and out of my refrigerator and allowed them to have what they wanted. ( I really had not planned for that.) Luckily, Manuella, my son's girlfriend has a happy propensity to clean up. She dances around and orders things. OK. Thanks! We're all different.

I had bemoaned the fact that when I PLAN a party, people tend to decide to come or not come in the moment. I think that the society we have now needs people who are just there, to visit whenever. When and where does this happen? The elderly, the ones full of wisdom to draw from are quite available; especially those who have to stay home. I also saw in and out companionship happen in the small villages of China and India - inter-relational work and play and joint sustenance. I also see it weekly at the warming center during regular hours for eating and talking and doing art.

A couple of weeks ago, I had ruminated on the week of Christmas. What was I going to do? Everyone else seemed to have plans....overwhelming plans. Family, trips, grandkids, etc. Things were different for me this year. My sons and their families get together with me always on Christmas eve. What am I going to do with Christmas and the rest of the time? I sensed that I needed to keep my time clear. At the least, I could watch movies, read books, do art. I could crash some parties. I didn't have to do any of that.

I learned something about myself and about God's willingness to fill my time with things that delight me. I was around family, many who I see very seldom. The neighbors I normally spend time with were around too. They were all mixed up and interacting with my family. This made for a one-week long celebration.