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Missing Illustrations

I wrote my first children's book 6 years ago. I wrote it so I could showcase some art that I loved. Brittani Rose did the most intricate and colorful illustrations. I thought it was destined for fame. Hundreds sold. I chalked it up as fun and decided to write some more.

The book, after having been put on the shelf for awhile as a part of my life, was raised up again through an unusual turn of events.

In the beginning, I had displayed the illustrations around in different shows, I decided to keep a large portion of them together and donated them to some organizations who catered to children. For some reason (perhaps change of management) some of them ended up in a second hand store! Thank God, MacKenzie Kerr, found them and rescued them. She bought all she could find. And they have been loved on and treated as "gold" since. One was missing. She didn't know they were children's book illustrations. They were framed and there was no name or anything. She knew they were very special because of the unusual artistic renderings of pieces of cut paper in 3-D form in tidy glassed in frames. Last night, a friend of mine posted a post that she spotted from MacKenzie. She desperately wanted to solve the mystery.

MacKenzie and I talked by phone excitedly.

"I want that book. I've got to see it!" she exploded.

"I am free at 10:30 tomorrow and I can bring it."

"I am a teacher for a second grade class. You can find me at Selma School."

"Would you like for me to bring it and read it to your class?" I asked

"Would you?!!!!!!"

I did just that and I read my other two books also. I loved sharing the one I had illustrated. The kids had so many questions and they were totally delightful.

"Laurie, you have always wondered if it is worth it to invest in children's books," I told myself as I drove home.

"If I can inspire one kid to use his or her creativity, or to slow their lives down to enjoy the important things in life, like nature and relationships, it is well worth it." I answered myself back.

I have learned that it is not about making money. For me, books are not a business. They are a mission.

One second grader asked me why I write stories. I responded very quickly.

"I love sharing my thoughts with people. I like my thoughts and I want to get them out there"

It can be in writing, art form, poetry, or blog, and even singing. There is so much to share!