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Last week, I watched neighborkids, and also some Chinese visitors have their first trip down a snow covered hill on a sled. I spent 4 hours outside in the cold snow to experience it. It was beautiful.

Today, I watched my 5 year old grandson build his first snowman. I remember when he tasted sugar for the first time when he turned one. It was that kind of joy. Building a snow man was much more sensory.....the cold, the white, the taste of success and creativity, and the sound of giggling from everyone around.

We must make time for firsts with children. Many firsts come naturally, like first steps and first words.

Keegan and I could have sat inside during the first and maybe only deep snow of the season, reading books, playing in the warmth, and doing the usual. A warm fire felt good to me. Why go out in the cold? My grandson deferred to being inside too.

"OK, we are grabbing this moment," I said, as I popped up from my chair. "We are going outside."

"No, Mimi, I don't want to go out there," Keegan grumbled.

Yes, LET'S GO!!!" My neighbor boy, Saaket was chompin' at the bit to go out. "We can build a snow fort or an igloo."

My grandson's eyes brightened. His imagination started kicking in. "Yes, and we need a snowman to stand guard. No, I mean TWO snowmen."

We did it. The snow, for that one day was perfect for packing. The day before it wasn't and the day after that, it wasn't. We had made a good choice.

"He will always remember that," a friend of mine commented.

Yes, he will. I will continue to grab these simple moments. It cost me nothing except a step in the cold.