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One Dimensional

I love the camera on my phone. Sometimes, though, I find my world turning into a one dimensional "canvas" of sight and sound. I was thinking about this when I saw the picture on my facebook of a woman totally in the moment of sight, sound, totally - 3-D - and beyond. Watching a parade, maybe? Or, maybe it was the president!

Sometimes, when I open up my phone to look for one picture, I find hundreds. Why did I take this and this and this? It's overwhelming. So I start deleting them by the dozens, knowing I don't need to experience it again. There is plenty to experience right now. There are some definite keepers, though.

Can I experience all my senses when I am looking at a photo I took yesterday. Did I experience all my senses when I took the photo? Did I think I would lose the memory, if I didn't get it in a screen shot?

I have had to ask myself these questions. I conveniently forget to carry my camera or phone just so I can really pay attention to everything going on around me.

I spend alot of time on my phone and computer. I have more social time on a screen than in person. If a texting session goes more than 5 minutes, I make phone call voice to voice. Ahhhhh. Better, yet, I can actually sit down face to face. Would that be hard?

But what if I'm interrupting something, or someone is in the middle of a movie, or text conversing with others?

I encourage myself to take a risk. So often, I have read into texts and emails from others. Oh, no, that is an angry statement. Oh, maybe it was sarcastic. It was probably just factual.

My most beautiful times are when I have stepped up and invited neighbors over spur of the moment, just to hang out, or eat, or play games. In that, I experience life, sound, sight, warmth, touch, all the senses. It is something I want to do again and again. Being single, makes this especially nice.