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"You will have to be patient. This will take a while." The kind man at the check-out counter was focused while he fiddled with the register.

"That's fine," I said with a grin. "I can be patient...at this point in my life." I thought I was saying it quietly to him, but it felt like everyone, within 40 feet, snapped their heads toward me. I decided to speak to this small crowd of onlookers.

"Just wait... It CAN be learned. I didn't learn until I retired. Patience can be developed." This "wisened old lady" had spoken.

And then, I thought some more. It would have been helpful to have learned it sooner. But how? The world is moving fast and I have been moving fast with it. To me, if I am to be successful, I must be busy accomplishing. And I still have remnants of that pressure.

The more we can learn, the more we want to do and the faster we go, and the faster we go, and the faster we go, the faster we go...thefasterwego. High expectations There are more choices and more people and so many ways to connect and communicate with not just one person at a time, but hundreds.

I've been there and done all that. I am realizing that perhaps I am accomplishing more by being one on one in one place at a time. Reading one book at a time, doing one thing at a time, and thinking one thought at a time.....that is contentment. This is still a process for me. When do you speed up and when do you slow down? I'm trying to be aware.

Life can unfold beautifully moment by moment. Letting go is easier said than done.