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Walls and Closed Doors

Walls and closed doors are all a part of history. The great wall of China extends for miles and miles, built to keep peoples separated. A friend took a picture of me at one junction of it. Prejudice means a "preconceived judgment or opinion" Why am I concerned about this when all I instruct myself to do daily is love. I recently wrote a poem about what closed doors and walls feel like:

Closed doors

In my face

Some slammed

I hate it.

It strikes me to the core.

Am I important enough for you to open the door?

May I come in?

Do you want me out?

If not, OK, I’ll walk away.

Perceived closed doors


Make me angry

Because I don’t want to hurt

Like I have before.

Do I quit?

Or do I work it through

Do I try to make friends?

Or should I forget it.

Why am I not good enough

For you?

What must I do to be accepted

And loved?

And not lonely.



"Move on"

I tell myself.

LET other doors open.

Walk away from closed doors.

I open myself up to God’s door.

Always open.

I’m welcome there.

I would not have the friends I have now if I had pre-judged them. Do we all have feelings of doors closing in our faces? I do. Who isn't in danger of this?


Black skinned

White skinned



Creative people

Rich people


Those with disabilities

Old folks




The beautiful

The ugly



Red heads

Blue collar

White collar





The Popular

The Shy

.......where do I stop?.......... Sorry for leaving out a multitude of people, with designations.

We are all misunderstood. So can we get used to it? What is the big deal? Is it the fact that every one of us wants privilege and acknowledgement in the midst of selfish pride? I believe so. I have been accepted by the greatest ONE - All loving God! Why would I hold back? The all-accepting never-ending love of God CAN overcome through us.

I have a rich friendship base full of diversity. My life is never boring and conversations are rich. At this point in my life, I am attracted to diversity. A person can only be "who he or she is." Let us embrace all no matter what.